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Ministries at 
Victory Bible Baptist Church

Street Preaching, Tracts, Witnessing


In addition to personal witnessing, we as a church gather on Saturdays in Mystic at 1:00 pm to preach the gospel to those passing. We hold scripture signs to catch the eyes of those walking and driving by and try to get as many gospel tracts into people's hands. There is always opportunity to speak to people  individually. This is a great opportunity to preach the gospel and to remind yourself of the need this world has for a Savior.


On Sunday afternoons we go "house to house" to preach the gospel. Acts 20:20

YouTube Channel 

Visit our YouTube channel to watch our services that have been recorded. This is a nice way to catch the preaching if you are unable to attend our services in person. Search for us at "Victory Bible Baptist Church Ledyard, CT."

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